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Patriot Series

More for your Money

Talk about a great safe for the money, the Patriot series offers 50% more fire protection than standard safe models at the same price.

PRICE: Starting at $1,649


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Patriot Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 202 customers ratings and reviews

Wish I would've bought one sooner
written by Cleatus on January 23, 2019
Amazing safe absolutely perfect! Holds guns great and lots of room

written by Bob on January 14, 2019

written by Scott on December 20, 2018

quality made in the USA !!!
written by Jason Andrusichen on December 6, 2018
I Recently purchased the freedom security patriot 30 series safe . I love knowing it was Built right here in the USA ... that explaining the quality of the construction versatile interior along with the exterior color and class, was very easy to match our homes decor with knowing the valuables will be safe with great fire and theft protection ! would definitely recommend Liberty Safe to anyone! but i think my Patriot 30 Burgundy marble with the brass hardware seems to be selling itself to friends and relatives this holiday season with its elegant and stylish looks .

written by Peter on December 6, 2018

Go big
written by Bhuntn on November 9, 2018
If your thinking on getting a safe, go bigger than your thinking

Great Value
written by OhioPaul on November 9, 2018
Great value for the money. Lots of features and at a great price. Looks great on the outside, not gaudy, like some safes. A really great buy for the money.

Patriot Series PS23-GNM
written by Anastacia on November 4, 2018
The combination lock is a little difficult to use and will be replaced with an electric access panel. That said it is solid, has abundant space and I suspect will last longer than me!

Outdoor Sportsman
written by Gus Bang A Bird on September 20, 2018
Very Happy.

Strong and Good Looking
written by Jim on September 6, 2018
After researching and comparing gun safes for several months I finally decided on the Liberty Patriot. It is a solid unit with no external hinges. They come in a variety of nice finishes and heavy, brass hardware make for a strong, good looking package. They come in several sizes, finishes and many options all for a moderate price. They just look and feel better than the competition.

written by glen on August 28, 2018

Proud to purchase American Made Liberty
written by Protecting what's ours in Oregon! on August 25, 2018
We are very pleased with our Liberty Patriot safe!

We had a home robbery just two days prior to our purchase. We both wanted to protect what wasn't taken the first time. We always planned to purchase a gun safe to protect our guns and valuables, we just hadn't gotten around to it. We have been home owners for 18 years and this is the first issue with crime in our neighborhood.

The Liberty safe appealed to us because of its excellent fire rating (60 mins) and the round pins. It is pretty and the wife (me) picked out the burgundy marble color. It wasn't gawdy like some and we like the hinges being inside.

We recommend getting some young scrappy guys to help move it in. We had use of a box van lift gate truck and a furniture dolly. I'm not sure how we could have done it without that. Thank God for good friends!

I hope your timing and reason for a safe purchase aren't as dramatic as ours and that you choose Liberty. You will love it!

written by Pun man on August 25, 2018
Too new to me with write to much but the first impression is very good. Will update after some time.

written by DonClaude on August 19, 2018
great safe excellent warranty

Beautiful Safe 5 star
written by Aquaries on August 5, 2018
This is a handsome piece for my home office. I can leave knowing things are secure. This piece is nice enough to be handed down.

liberty gun safe
written by Jimmy Three-fingers on August 3, 2018
i was very pleased with the quality finish on the outside. the inside seemed like it was very sturdy too. had some issues fitting my 26'' barrel hunting rifle in but managed to due to the fact that the inside is very customizable.

written by Brandon on July 31, 2018

Beautiful enough for our living room!
written by CJ on July 30, 2018
Beautiful finish on this safe, easy to operate, interior is very nice and fully adjustable. Door is robust and operates very smoothly. No, its not in our living room:)

written by Henry Hachler on July 23, 2018

written by RON on July 12, 2018

Happy with purchase
written by Puckhead on July 5, 2018

Great on the outside...
written by DeeCoon on June 21, 2018
Overall I am happy with my safe. It is almost exactly what I wanted. I say almost because the interior has some flaws I am pretty disappointed in for the amount of money invested in the safe. The carpeting is loose and sagging in one spot and the trim work on several shelves seems to be falling or peeling off. Other than that, beautiful on the outside and functional on the inside.

Rose Review
written by Lawrence Rose on June 11, 2018
Simply a great safe for the money.

Safe at last
written by Jack and Jill on June 5, 2018
We've talked of getting a safe for 20 years, and have looked at them many times over that span. Coastal Farm and Ranch was the best of all the places we visited both for options and for customer service. We decided on Liberty early on and then looked for several months for just the right safe and color option. The Patriot 23 is perfect! Suits our needs in size, fire protection, and aesthetics. Beautiful and strong. It's part of our family now.

Excellent safe for home use!!
written by Logan on June 5, 2018
Excellent gun safe. This safe is the perfect size and budget fit for my needs. Made in the USA.

Good value
written by Kipper1054 on May 27, 2018
Great safe for the money.

written by HarleyBob on May 6, 2018
Just got my new safe and it is great!

New Liberty Patriot Gun Safe
written by Dennis on April 27, 2018
Just purchased this Liberty Patriot gun safe. Easy to set up. Great quality. Real sound investment to protect my fire arms and valuables.

Great safes
written by Sammy on April 25, 2018
Got my safe home and stopped worrying about my guns being stolen , I've never been broken into but my ex-wife's kids have stolen my guns while I was at work ..NO MORE !

Big vault great value
written by J. Luchtel on April 17, 2018
I was replacing our smaller safe, this vault had some built in extras at an affordable price.

written by stutzman on April 16, 2018
greta safe very sturdy

No other method of opening it , such as a key emergency
written by Gone Hunting on April 7, 2018
I really like everything about the else about this safe, but still suffering buyer's remorse over the the lack of an emergency key.

New Patriot 23
written by john Edwards on March 20, 2018
Just the right size for me and my wife. Liked the quality, the flexibility of configuring the interior, the fire protection rating.

Great safe
written by sam on March 13, 2018
great safe after looking around. i choose this safe for it size and price

The Patriot
written by DJC on February 25, 2018
Just bought the Liberty Patriot 64 gun safe. It seems to be a really well made safe. I read up on Liberty safes and their lifetime replacement warranty helped me decide on which company to buy from. The safe is very heavy and should be even harder for someone to try and remove. It took five of us and a heavy duty dolly to move it to its spot in my home! I am confident that this safe will last my lifetime and can be passed down to my children and grandchildren!

So far so good
written by New buyer on February 19, 2018
We received it today and have not had much time to give a decent review. However, it does meet our needs and was delivered in a timely fashion. So far so good.

Very pleased with a well-built safe.Edward Keating
written by Edward Keating on February 6, 2018
I live in a rural area which does not have much crime so investing in a safe was never high on my list of priorities. However, during the past two summers we have had serious wildfires in the area and I realized I was not ready. More than guns I have records and irreplaceable objects which needed to be stored so size and fire rating were my primary concern. The Patriot 50 I bought seems well constructed and has a sufficiently flexible interior to accommodate the material I needed to secure. The edges are finished smoothly and the door has a solid, yet quiet closure. Having the safe "Made in the USA" also makes me feel like I am supporting our national economy.

Made in USA
written by Hunter541 on January 28, 2018
I did the research for my Father, as a veteran, as we both share the quality of... quality. Do your research, as anything in life you get what you pay for.
Thank You.

Very pleased and satisfied customer!
written by KyleS on January 23, 2018
So far, this safe has provided us with safety and security for all of our important items. Very happy with purchase.

My Liberty Safe Adventure
written by Lol Podsnap on January 14, 2018
W e recently purchased our Liberty safe in Live Oak Florida. (John Strayer's Pro Arms) The sales experience was pleasant and efficiently carried out and features of the safe were well explained prior to our decision to purchase.
Delivery was quick and the safe was placed where we wanted it with no damage to any of our floors, walls or doors.
The quality of the safe appears to be very good, the finish is attractive and appears to be durable. I would recommend both the safe and the dealer from which we purchased the safe. Overall very happy with the whole dealings.

Safety conscious wife
written by Baby Nurse on January 6, 2018
It is very heavy duty and durable. We are excited about the fire rating and the number of guns it will hold.

These are awesome safes.
written by Gary on January 2, 2018
I bought this safe for fire protection and for firearm protection. It was a great decision to buy Liberty.

Best reputation and quality.
written by Terry on December 18, 2017

written by Patriot on December 14, 2017

Feeling Good
written by Olbriar on December 13, 2017
I finally broke down and invested in a much needed gun safe. I did my shopping first online and then the local vendors. The Freedom Security Patriot series safe fell right in the sweet spot. The Liberty name is so well known and respected. Now that I have the safe home and loaded with my goodies I am feeling good. I got a great safe for my investment dollar. I love the finish of the exterior and found the interior well made and versatile. The lock and door work perfectly and as smooth as glass. For the first time in a long time I will be feeling secure when I leave my home tomorrow. I should have purchased this safe years ago. Thanks Liberty for a great USA product!

Needed room
written by TA on November 20, 2017
Very pleased with this product. I was looking for a big safe without the big price and I believe I have found it!!

Excellent Safe (Patriot 50)
written by Liz on October 26, 2017
We purchased the larger Patriot 50 series safe. The size/capacity is perfect for our needs as we use the safe to store firearms and other valuables, including important documents. The electronic lock is a plus.

written by American on October 7, 2017
I just got the safe so haven't had time to organize it the way i want to, i love having plenty of room and it sits level, the exterior look is fantastic, but the interior kit is not well done, i can see that it was done quickly without attention to detail, edges frayed up, flap sticking up in the rear of the safe, had to cut holes in screw hole areas to remove them, kit hanging on the door was dirty. Liberty Safe is a proud name, the product should reflect it-inside and out.

Very Pleased - Liberty Safe
written by K Dub on August 21, 2017
The safe is a very useful size. Big enough to hold everything we need - but not so big and heavy that we couldn't move it ourselves. The interior shelves are good and strong and easy to customize. Plenty of room for rifles and shotguns. The pistol pockets on the door are the perfect size and angle. The large pockets on the door are great for important papers ie Birth Certificates - Vehicle Titles, etc. Very pleased with our purchase and the price.

Great Product
written by Scott M. on August 20, 2017
A great safe for the money. Very nice and built as the highest quality.

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