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Made in the good old USA, Freedom Security FATBOY Jr safes are the hot priced wide body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! You'll find features on FATBOY Jr. that you won't find on other brands, including UL Listed locks, multiple military style locking bars, composite door and relocking devices to deter forced entry.

PRICE: Starting at $1,549


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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 858 customers ratings and reviews

written by Senior on August 12, 2018

Best safe
written by Firearm Fred on August 5, 2018
Best and most secure safe out there today! I am real happy with the construction gone into this safe and it's made in USA not some cheap Chinese knockoff that can be opened in 5 Min. Spend the lil extra $ and do yourself a favor and buy one today .

Liberty Fatboy Jr Safe Review
written by Oregon Hunter on July 16, 2018
The price and quality of this safe make it a great value.

Super Safe.
written by Safe Wizard on July 6, 2018
A truly American made product with a lifetime warranty. Works great!!

What an outstanding safe
written by Joe Cunningham on July 5, 2018
Love Fatboy Jr Series Safes ! The fire ratings excellent and such great quality.

Nice fat safe
written by Mowjunk on June 23, 2018
The safe arrived well protected on a sturdy pallet. The interior and exterior were upholstered and well made and neatly done. I struggled with changing the combination but after reading the instructions twice I realized what I was doing wrong. After that all was good.

I would recommend this safe if you have room. The safe is very heavy and comes with a bolt down kit.

written by new buyer on June 22, 2018
so far it has not burned up, blown away , been robbed -
but we have only had it 2 weeks

Excellent Value Safe!
written by Gun Enthusiast on June 15, 2018
I had been considering a safe for quite some time, and pending legislation in my state got me to the store. I selected the Fatboy Jr. for it's modular features and size. It has been an excellent addition to my home and the bronze finish blends well with our colors and decor. The lock and door have performed flawlessly and the couple of changes I have made to the interior were completed without a hitch. This is an excellent safe that I would happily recommend to my friends and family.

written by JIM HUNTER on June 14, 2018

New Safe Purchase
written by Will on June 11, 2018
After looking at our reason for purchasing a safe, we had 3 reasons (Document and gun security, fire protection for the same and pricing).
We purchased the FatBoy Jr. It looks great and has a level of protection we were willing to pay for.

written by AC on June 10, 2018
Great safe!!!

written by Ed on June 6, 2018

Awesome and usa made
written by Paul on May 27, 2018
This was a great safe for the money steel thickness is excellent quality and best of all this is a product made in USA

Great Product
written by vfire09 on May 26, 2018

buying a safe everything you need
written by Relic1$$ on May 22, 2018
as always price is a consideration, but most of all the reputation,inside configuration possible, fire rating, outside looks, fits into any home,attention to fit and quality of workmanship.

Quality on par for price
written by Ryan on May 16, 2018
The Fatboy Jr. Had the right mix of price, quality, and materials for my needs. Of course being made in America, and backed by a lifetime warranty were major factors as well.

Awesome Safe
written by Steve W on May 6, 2018
I really love this safe. Lots 'o room for anything I would want to put in a safe. Nice and heavy and solid.

written by DC on May 1, 2018
Great product for a great price

Smart Buy
written by Bob on April 18, 2018
Great safe for the money. Looks super and the warranty cannot beat. Quality is made is the USA

Best Safe for the Money
written by American444 on April 15, 2018
After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that the Liberty Mechanical Fatboy Jr is the best gun safe under $1500.

Ronald Franks
written by Ronald on April 14, 2018

good stuff
written by c miller on April 13, 2018
price was good, safe is excellent

When a fire happens
written by Gutt Shooter on April 13, 2018
They ask me to rate the safe. In the advertising there was lot of promoting the fire rating. Now I do not feel a thief will get what is inside, but I do not have experience with the safe in a fire. I cannot refer on the grounds in regards to a fire, but there is no way a thief will get into this thing!!!!

written by Safety on April 2, 2018

written by Zach on April 1, 2018

Great safe
written by Happy Safe on March 28, 2018
I hardly ever use the word awesome but for this safe it's fitting. All I could say when I got it in the house was WOW. Very happy with Big R store and Liberty. Thank you!

New Fatboy Jr. owner
written by Bernie on March 27, 2018
I recently moved and the new owners asked if they could include my old Cannon Safe with the sale of the house. That is what led me to look for a new safe. After doing some research and talking with a friend who is a certified locksmith and safe mover, I settled on Liberty Safes. I like that they are made in America. I purchased my Fatboy Jr. from Coastal Farm and Ranch - they were great, very knowledgeable and it was delivered! I highly recommend Liberty safes and Coastal Farm and Ranch!

Perfect All Around Safe
written by Warren on March 25, 2018
Size and weight combined with fire rating makes this safe outstanding choice. the flexibility to adjust the inside without losing rifle storage is yet another big win!!!

Fat Boy Jr. Meets expectations!
written by Halfatrucker on March 23, 2018
The fat boy Jr. Is the best value for the money. It gives me better fire protection, more gun storage, and better security than any other safe I could find in its price range. The best part is it's made right in the USA!

overall quality
written by HOSS on March 21, 2018
overall the safe looks good but the door does not shut as tightly as I would like it to be I believe in the event of a fire it won't protect the items as well as led to believe

written by Woody on March 17, 2018

written by Clay Vogt on March 12, 2018

fatboy jr
written by Chris J on March 11, 2018
overall great safe for the price

A lot of bang for our buck
written by Happy Camper on March 8, 2018
Did the research on line, picked up a brochure at the local Coastal store and then started making our choice. We waited for the promo and got
it on sale with the $200 rebate. First time safe owner and happy with our purchase.

Very impressed
written by Bigd on March 6, 2018
Spent a couple months shopping before deciding on a FatBoy Jr. I had a buddy buy one back around Christmas and he spoke very highly of it. After seeing it in person I knew I had to have one. I couldn't be happier at this point! Liberty customer service was also able to help expedite my order to get this safe to me in 2 weeks vs. the original retailer estimate of 1-2 months!

Perfect Safe
written by Dave Jones on March 5, 2018
I looked at several brands and sizes of safes. I found the Fatboy Jr. safe made by Liberty to be the best quality and size to protect my valuables.

Fatboy Jr
written by Brent S on March 4, 2018
Its a quality safe with great functions at a good price!

Happy with our purchase
written by The Nalles on March 1, 2018
This was a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves everything about the safe. Very happy with our purchase

Made in America
written by John on February 25, 2018
Excellent product with excellent warranty

Great safe!
written by Weaselbjj on January 30, 2018
Love the Fatboy Jr. Nebraska Furniture Mart was excellent.

Fatboy Jr
written by Jenks on January 18, 2018
Love the safe, just make sure when you purchase it that they are including the Accessory Door Panel with it.

Don't waist your time shopping for any other safe on the market.
written by Pam on January 14, 2018
This Sager is the safest safe on the market. Very roomie and very well organized. Theif and fire proof. Very happy with it would never buy anything else. Wood buy another one if needed. VERY much Happy with it.

Liberty Fat Boy, Jr.
written by Todd on December 27, 2017
Today I picked up my Fat Boy, Jr. I got it home and was able to get it unloaded and set up (with the help of my son and three other friends) I am more than happy with my little Fat Boy, Jr. What sold me on Liberty safes was the videos on the internet showing the security of the safe doors. Thank you Liberty for an excellent and high quality safe.


written by Roger K on December 26, 2017

Excellent Safe
written by KJ on December 20, 2017
Was looking for a large heavy weight safe to keep guns and other household items protected from theft or fire. This fit the bill after hours of research and looking. Would have preferred a dial combination lock but considering the significant other she felt more comfortable with the electronic lock so hopefully it lasts for a long time.

fat boy jr.
written by dale in ioiwa on December 15, 2017
product came in good condition. tried to open but couldnt get it. just registered the warranty. curiouc to see how long it takes for liberty to contact me about this issue.i will write another review later

written by Markiemark on December 7, 2017
Very pleased with the overall quality, fit and finish, and the size of the safe. Most important is that it is made in the USA. Based on the weight and size of the safe after filling it with guns and ammo, I don't think anybody is going to walk off with this one. Very pleased.

Fatboy Jr
written by Buck Ryan on December 3, 2017
Very pleased with the quality and workmanship

nice safe but poor quality shelving
written by Long island hunter on November 30, 2017
Nice safe but the shelving material is of poor quality (pressboard) it should be made of plywood.

Totally Awesome
written by Kansas Jayhawk on November 28, 2017
I recently purchased a Liberty Fatboy Jr. All I can say is that the safe is awesome. Well built and very nice looking. What an excellent warranty and it's American Made. Way to go Liberty!

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