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Made in the good old USA, Freedom Security FATBOY Jr safes are the hot priced wide body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! You'll find features on FATBOY Jr. that you won't find on other brands, including UL Listed locks, multiple military style locking bars, composite door and relocking devices to deter forced entry.

PRICE: Starting at $1,699


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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 889 customers ratings and reviews

written by D on March 13, 2019

Travis C
written by TC on February 12, 2019
Safe was delivered on time & delivery was very professional. Safe is perfect condition and the retailer instaled the power kit and lighting @ no extra cost. perfect size with room to grow.

Long standing name, long standing quality
written by Aaron on January 25, 2019
I've had my safe since 2014 and I have been nothing but thrilled with my purchase. I have the FatBoy Jr and I believe it to be the best safe for my needs. It's hard to compromise on quality and security and this safe has all of the above. Highly customizable and the shelves are sturdy. I do think the shelving boards could be made of a sturdier material as some care is required when configuring/re-configuring the safe as to not ding the edges of the particle board. I noticed a few safes in the showroom that the shelves were ruined as a result of kids or customers being careless. Overall, I still highly recommend this safe and am very happy with my purchase.

Spacious safe
written by NateGoodHunt on January 19, 2019
I got this Safe for the room in it. the security and piece of mind it gives me is the exact reason I bought it. i recommend Liberty safes to everyone that's looking at buying a safe. Their warranties are amazing as is their customer service.

Quality product for a good price
written by cec on January 5, 2019
I love the capacity with the low depth compared to other models along with the fact this safe is mad from high quality materials and made in the USA.

written by BUFFY on December 28, 2018

written by HYGjr on December 20, 2018

Gun safe
written by Sharpshooter on December 18, 2018
Excellent gun safe, easy to set up and use.

Great Product!
written by Rick Moraller on December 3, 2018
Great Safe. Just wish I had purchased a model with a digital combination instead of tradition combination.

Excellent safe
written by Pat Crowe on December 3, 2018
Very heavy and perfect for what I use it for.

Made in America Quality
written by canderna on December 2, 2018
The safe looks great. It was priced well. It has great capacity. A great value for a made in the U.S.A product. Very happy with the purchase!

Reputation for quality
written by John Ryan on November 30, 2018
The retailer was very knowledgeable and Liberty lived up to its reputation for an American made quality product with great customer service. I would recommend this product to anyone who still believes that quality and customer service are important.

If you want satisfaction, security, and service: Choose LIBERTY
written by Joe Provenza on November 28, 2018
I work in a sporting goods store that sells several brands of safes. By my own observation and the great number of satisfied customers who have purchased a Liberty product., I knew without a doubt when I bought my safe it would be a Liberty. Now my guns, documents and irreplaceable items are safe forever.
As for service, occasionally I need information about a safe and Liberty has the answers promptly.
I proudly represent Liberty in my store.

So far so good
written by Enos Slaughter on November 24, 2018
Haven't owned the safe but a few days. Bought a Liberty because a friend had a fire and nothing was damaged. So reputation means a lot. The only problem encountered at this point was no key included in the safe. Not going to knock the company for this problem, since the envelop inside the safe was already open. I'm sure this is a retailer problem. Will happily update this review once I have set everything up and actually used the safe for some amount of time. And get a key!!

USA Made
written by Semper Fidelis on November 19, 2018
The fatboy jr is a great safe and American made! Ooh rah semper fi!

written by Idaho Davis on November 19, 2018

written by Idaho Davis on November 19, 2018

Great price for the quality of the safe.
written by Mike L on November 13, 2018
I have not had this safe but about 2 days, everything works perfectly and is a solid good looking safe. Took 4 people to move it, with a little patience everything went very smooth. I would recommend this safe to anyone interested in protecting their valuables. I read a few complaints on the mechanical lock, I have had no issues opening it and shutting it, and love the extra key lock feature as well. In my opinion, you can't go wrong for the price.

Excellent Safe
written by Brown on November 13, 2018
We chose the FatBoy Jr safe because of it's size and fire rating. Not only are guns out of criminals hands, but other items like passports, deeds, etc are now safe as well. When you get a safety deposit box at the bank, and the bank gets closed, you have lost everything in the bank. Not so with a home safe. And no bank fees every year either. After watching the videos on your website and talking to vendors at gun shows, we feel that this safe will meet our needs.

Best bang for the buck
written by Chris on November 12, 2018
Compared many safes and Liberty safe Fat Boy Jr. was the most product for the money and lifetime warranty, was a no brainer. Awesome finish easy operation and made in USA. definitely recommend this safe for anything.

Quality product
written by Dan on November 1, 2018
I like the look of the safe, easy to operate.

Perfect safe!
written by Fireman near you. on October 25, 2018
The entire experience with this purchase went very well. The retailer got the safe I wanted in a very timely manner, set up the purchase, operation demo and delivery. Great safe reasonably priced. Painless experience!

written by Julian on October 25, 2018
Size matters.

The Lock is a pain in the &$$
written by Guy F on October 25, 2018
The dial lock is pretty finicky and sometimes the key doesn't work. When loaded with heavy things and lots of brass and lead on the bottom this thing is about impossible to move.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, if you're experiencing issues with your lock please call our customer support at (800) 247-5625.

excellent quality!
written by Happy gun owner on October 12, 2018

Great value
written by Lumpie on October 3, 2018
Good fire protection with attractive appearance. Very convenient and secure lock system with resettable combination is a huge plus.

Safe excellence.
written by Vic & Skip on September 23, 2018
Excellent looks, functionality, & quality. Thank you, Liberty! Go, to all of the United States of America!!

Quality Safe
written by claywalker2000 on September 8, 2018
First the safe is beautiful both inside and out. You can easily change the inside shelving around to fit your needs and they give you extra clips for shelves. I looked long and hard for a safe and I chose this one because of the 11 gauge steel, weight of the safe, quality, reputation of the company, and emp resistant lock. I'm not 100% sure if the lock is EMP resistant as Liberty doesn't actively advertise that but I read it somewhere that it was. If it is then Liberty should be putting that as a feature on the website. All in all I am very happy with my purchase.

Everything it was advertised as
written by Brian on September 5, 2018
I needed a fire rated safe. I bought a non fire rated Liberty 25+ years ago, but wanted to upgrade to a fire rated safe. I wanted one made in America, so that meant a Liberty. I checked around within a 150 mile radius, and the business closest to my home, was the lowest price, so that made it an even easier choice to make. Can't go wrong with a Liberty.

it was time
written by Augustus on September 5, 2018
i chose Liberty for the same reason I choose Vortex optics and Snap On tools. If there is a problem, they fix it. The safe is great and was easy to install with me and a few buddies. It is no doubt exactly what you expect and just that little bit more.

Reputable Products
written by Joe Schmuckatelli on August 16, 2018
This product that I purchased is a great design and it looks great, too. The product registration process, that is 90% marketing, is the main reason I would not recommend. As an American, and a United States Marine, I absolutely Despise answering questions to aid those that cannot be effective in their well compensated fields of expertise!

written by Senior on August 12, 2018

Best safe
written by Firearm Fred on August 5, 2018
Best and most secure safe out there today! I am real happy with the construction gone into this safe and it's made in USA not some cheap Chinese knockoff that can be opened in 5 Min. Spend the lil extra $ and do yourself a favor and buy one today .

Liberty Fatboy Jr Safe Review
written by Oregon Hunter on July 16, 2018
The price and quality of this safe make it a great value.

Super Safe.
written by Safe Wizard on July 6, 2018
A truly American made product with a lifetime warranty. Works great!!

What an outstanding safe
written by Joe Cunningham on July 5, 2018
Love Fatboy Jr Series Safes ! The fire ratings excellent and such great quality.

Nice fat safe
written by Mowjunk on June 23, 2018
The safe arrived well protected on a sturdy pallet. The interior and exterior were upholstered and well made and neatly done. I struggled with changing the combination but after reading the instructions twice I realized what I was doing wrong. After that all was good.

I would recommend this safe if you have room. The safe is very heavy and comes with a bolt down kit.

written by new buyer on June 22, 2018
so far it has not burned up, blown away , been robbed -
but we have only had it 2 weeks

Excellent Value Safe!
written by Gun Enthusiast on June 15, 2018
I had been considering a safe for quite some time, and pending legislation in my state got me to the store. I selected the Fatboy Jr. for it's modular features and size. It has been an excellent addition to my home and the bronze finish blends well with our colors and decor. The lock and door have performed flawlessly and the couple of changes I have made to the interior were completed without a hitch. This is an excellent safe that I would happily recommend to my friends and family.

written by JIM HUNTER on June 14, 2018

New Safe Purchase
written by Will on June 11, 2018
After looking at our reason for purchasing a safe, we had 3 reasons (Document and gun security, fire protection for the same and pricing).
We purchased the FatBoy Jr. It looks great and has a level of protection we were willing to pay for.

written by AC on June 10, 2018
Great safe!!!

written by Ed on June 6, 2018

Awesome and usa made
written by Paul on May 27, 2018
This was a great safe for the money steel thickness is excellent quality and best of all this is a product made in USA

Great Product
written by vfire09 on May 26, 2018

buying a safe everything you need
written by Relic1$$ on May 22, 2018
as always price is a consideration, but most of all the reputation,inside configuration possible, fire rating, outside looks, fits into any home,attention to fit and quality of workmanship.

Quality on par for price
written by Ryan on May 16, 2018
The Fatboy Jr. Had the right mix of price, quality, and materials for my needs. Of course being made in America, and backed by a lifetime warranty were major factors as well.

Awesome Safe
written by Steve W on May 6, 2018
I really love this safe. Lots 'o room for anything I would want to put in a safe. Nice and heavy and solid.

written by DC on May 1, 2018
Great product for a great price

Smart Buy
written by Bob on April 18, 2018
Great safe for the money. Looks super and the warranty cannot beat. Quality is made is the USA

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