Freedom Safe

Made in the USA

Eagle Series

More Features - Better Value

The Eagle series is one of the toughest security vaults in America.  It's no wonder more customers are stepping up to the Eagle for peace of mind.

PRICE: Starting at $2,029


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Eagle Testimonials

Thank you for protecting my home!!!


"To whom it may concern,

My family experienced a break in just last week. We lost a lot of items in our home, but the reason the thief's were in my home where because of our safes. There were 7 men in our house for over 6 hours. They tried everything the could to break into both of our safes, but were unsuccessful. I and so thankful for investing in these safes. I can't imagine what would have happened if they actually got them open and their hands on our guns....even our documents. Here are some pictures of both of the safes. The first one is the green safe. I believe they spend the least amount of time on this one. They tried to pry it, but it would budge. They busted the handle off. Next is the maroon one. I think they spend the most amount of time here. They got it almost all the way open, but the top bar would not move. I can not thank you guys enough for building strong safes. You can bet our new safes will be Liberty safes too.

Thank you again,
J. Johnson"

Liberty Safe survives F4 Tornado in Louisville, Mississippi

Liberty Safe survives an F4 tornado! Special thanks to Dennis Taylor for sharing his story with us. All of his valuables were protected from an F4 tornado that hit his home directly.