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Eagle Series

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The Eagle series is one of the toughest security vaults in America.  It's no wonder more customers are stepping up to the Eagle for peace of mind.

PRICE: Starting at $2,029


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Would Recommend!
written by Ejones on December 27, 2018
Good Safe, great size for us! Seems to be made very well.

Cant wait!
written by john on December 5, 2018
Cant wait to get my beautiful Eagle 25 home and setup. My wife says "now you will probably buy more guns"! She is correct! Having it set up with electricity already will be great to run a dehumidifier, since its going in my shop, with temperature swings. Great looking piece of art!

I was able to put it in the living room.
written by Kirk on November 28, 2018
After looking at safes for over a year, I finally decided to purchase a Liberty from our local dealer. I had several requirements, It had to have at least one hour of fire rating, it had to be at least 11 gauge steel, and it had to have an electrification option (for a dehumidifier.) Also, I wanted to have the safe on the main floor of our home, so it needed to look good enough for my wife to allow that, no small thing. Made in the USA was a must. I didn't care if the safe had an electronic lock, or manual lock; more on that later. I learned through a lot of research that safes, like anything else can be made to fit a certain price point. As a consumer I would like to think that we can educate ourselves and make an informed decision based on all the factors, including price. For me, Liberty was the best value for my dollar. There are other safes of similar size that cost quite a bit less, but they lacked one or more of the features that I wanted. There are also safes of similar size that were priced higher, and had features that I did not find necessary. Speaking of features, for whatever it is worth coming from a review on the internet, spend the money and get an electronic lock. My safe (Eagle Series, which is the same as a Franklin,) has an electronic keypad. I really like it. It is fast, doesn't require a locksmith to recode, and I don't need to turn on a light to use it, as it has a lit display. The safe mechanism is smooth, the door is balanced nicely, and the interior is actually quite nice. I use the battery powered light kit that came with mine, and it works as advertised. I also spent the eighteen dollars and bought a dehumidifier for the interior, it plugs into the 120 volt receptacle that was included with my safe. For those that don't know, any fire rated safe should have some sort of dehumidification device. The fireboard in the safe is gypsum based and will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, and slowly release it as the temperature of your home changes. It is necessary to either collect this moisture as it is released or drive it back into the fireboard with warm air circulation. I am lazy, therefore I like the warm air convection method, it requires no intervention on my part. The interior of the safe can be configured in a number of different ways. The shelves are made of carpet covered MDF, and have a decorative edging on the visible side. The shelving is adjustable by means of common shelf clips, and my safe came with plenty for any configuration. Two styles of long gun racks come with this series, one is open in the front and sort of "V" shaped, the other is segmented and good for separating scoped rifles so that "safe rash" is a little easier to avoid. Each of the rack styles may be used or covered by carpet covered steel caps. The cap plate turns an unused rack into another shelf, the safe came with two of these. The safe may be bolted to the floor, the panels on the bottom of the safe are removable to accomplish this. The exterior of the safe is attractive. Mine is a marble finish, meaning it has a satin or semi gloss textured finish. I resists fingerprints, and we find it pleasing and unobtrusive. I would recommend a Liberty Eagle (Franklin) series to a friend or family member without hesitation. It will do the job it needs to do for many years I am sure.

written by BUDDY on October 28, 2018

written by No on October 2, 2018

Gold Standard
written by RonB on August 26, 2018
Reasonable price for the quality of the product. Excellent reputation. Initially heard of product on Glen Beck radio. Excellent fire time. Excellent style and size for residential use. Very pleased with purchase.. And, a rebate!!!

Over the top happy
written by Donald Nugent on July 7, 2018
I bought this safe at a unbelievable price, and could not be happier with it. the quality and the way it is built, i hope somebody gets past the camera's and my 3 Rottweilers, then they can try to get in it?? No, really, it is a big addition to my home security. i would buy another and defiantly recommend this safe to everyone i know.

Over the top happy
written by Donald Nugent on July 7, 2018
I bought this safe at a unbelievable price, and could not be happier with it. the quality and the way it is built, i hope somebody gets past the camera's and my 3 Rottweilers, then they can try to get in it?? No, really, it is a big addition to my home security. i would buy another and defiantly recommend this safe to everyone i know.

The last safe you will ever buy!
written by Herb on June 19, 2018
I bought the Eagle 25 almost 3 years ago and kept it in a spot in our walk-in closet. It was a perfect fit! We recently sold that house and the buyers INSISTED
that the sale of the home would include the safe. We agreed and shortly after moving to our new house, I bought another Eagle 25!!!

Awesome service!!
written by Da Grizz on June 8, 2018
This safe is amazing. Try and find another safe with the time/BTU rating as this for anywhere the same money. Throw in the warranty and customer service, you have a no-brainer. Sure you can get cheaper safes, you also get what you pay for. I will be buying another Liberty in the future, no question.

written by ray garza on December 11, 2017

Does the job and looks good while doing it
written by Mike on December 2, 2017
This is a soundly constructed safe. Its like a finely built automobile. The size and functionality meet my requirements. The shiny black finish with gold lettering has a classic 'old timey' look. It looks the way a safe should look. A proud addition to my den and something which I needed. I have small children about the place and I own firearms. You need to keep you firearms safeguarded while still available. Safeguarding important documents, high end collectables and jewelry are additional needs, as well as fire protection for valuables.

Great Safe
written by N.L. on November 18, 2017
After looking into several brands of safes we decided on a Liberty Safe since they met or exceeded the requirements of long fire protection, versatile interior, lifetime warranty and made in the USA. So far all is working great and we are very pleased with the purchase.

written by JUNKMAN on November 15, 2017
Nice Finish , Will Built ,high fire rating'

Great safe
written by Mare on October 11, 2017
I just got the safe but I do love it. It has lots of room for everything and I like all of the security features! That is why I bought it. The burglars may be able to haul it away but they will never get into it. LOL

written by shaun Nugent on August 31, 2017

Soaring Eagle.
written by Harmon Scott on August 19, 2017
Top of the line. Made in USA.

Quality made in USA
written by Steve on August 15, 2017
Another fine piece of Craftsmanship made in the USA

written by IFLYTWO on August 7, 2017
Great safe, good looking can configure to your need.

written by IFLYTWO on August 7, 2017
Great safe for the money and the fire rating.

Great Safe
written by LVH on July 9, 2017
If the safe had hinges on the other side, I would give it 5 stars. Other wise it is a very good safe for the money.

Great Safe
written by Broadsword 1 on June 21, 2017
So far this safe has exceeded all my expectations.

written by Mark on May 10, 2017
Really nice safe. We are proud to display it in our home.

Liberty safe
written by Ivan Harris on April 27, 2017
Purchased the big boy of liberty safes. Gun capacity is great, zippered pockets for documents and wifes jewelry. Light kit to maintain atmosphere, blue tooth capable... Longest fire protection available. Looks amazing in my study.

A few issues but they are being handled
written by The Johnsons on April 21, 2017
We had a few issues with interior being bunched in an area and more importantly the bottom drywall is not cut specifically for each type of safe so the front holes are too large and the rear too small and slightly off of where they need to be to use the anchor screws. These are being handled but definitely look at it before you accept delivery. I will say that when we did get a manager to call us back, our initial call was not followed up on or the email the initial person requested but my Facebook comment was immediately responded to and a manager called after the holiday week (Easter), the gentleman was understanding and willing to try to make it right. This isn't something you can just easily exchange, delivery is hundreds of dollars and all through third party services. So he did the best he could and advised us on what exactly to get locally to fix the issue and how he could assist with it. Customer service after the purchase is really important, when buying something at these prices you want to be comfortable they stand behind their products and they have shown they really do. Any company can have a problem, it's how they handle it that speaks volumes about their company and products. In this case their realizing something communication wise fell through the cracks, and it was a holiday time period, and having a manager reach out quickly was impressive.

Most durable, well built safe that has the best fire rated times
written by Bob Gillam on April 15, 2017
If your in the market for a safe that puts your mind at ease from fire to theft this is the one for you! This safe is well built with the the great options for different combination dials to chrome or brass colors. The interior is well crafted to protect the rifles and valuables to be stored! I have looked at many reviews and after I purchased this safe I am very happy with it! After looking at the booklet that was given to me and seeing how these safes have survived fire,water, and tornados. I was sold. The bonus to the safes are the warranty and customer service that's provided.It proves to me they are confident and stand behind their product! I highly recommend these safes.

White Marble Gloss - sold me!
written by OR- Husband & Wife with infant on March 28, 2017
This safe looks exceptional in our historic home the unique finish of white marble gloss surprisingly looks great. It makes our whole room feel better and we are confident to know that our most precious items are safe from fire and potential burglars. It took us over 3 years of shopping and we are very pleased with our purchase of the Eagle 25 edition. I have faith that my husband will stop buying accessories for the new shiny toy. Also the USB storage makes me want to organize all of our digital photos into a single safe place, but I will have to explore that a bit more.

Great safe!
written by JohnDunlop on March 22, 2017
Quality product, great warranty. Not a product that you want to skimp on, go with the best, go with Liberty.

love my 2nd liberty safe
written by Frank K on March 9, 2017
Proud to say that i now own two liberty safes!!!! *(Liberty Franklin 50 and the Freedom Security 25)Thank you for the amazing safes. It is a good feeling knowing that when i leave home my important documents and guns are protected!

Quality Safe and Great Value
written by Burgundy Beauty on January 7, 2017
Shopped for a month and finally settled on this high quality US made safe. My wife particularly likes the Burgundy color as the many grey and black alternatives don't add to the home decor like this one does. Works like a charm. Would highly recommend it.

Freedom security eagle series
written by Woodsman 406 on December 27, 2016
After weeks of research on gun safes and going in every store in my area. I was choosing between a liberty fat boy jr. And a kodiak after learning that the kodiak safe was made over seas I decided on going with the fatboy. But then the sales person said they had a freedom security eagle 25 that had got bumped on the corner and they were going to mark it down it was a white in color model I had looked at it several times before and I really wanted but it was too much for my budget so I was instantly floored when they had one deeply discounted. I went to the back and looked at it and said I'll take it. I couldn't be more happy with my decision the quality is great when moving it you can feel how well built it is. And best of all made in the good USA.I would definitely recommend this or any other liberty safe products to anyone .

Excellent Experience
written by Lynn Lazenby on December 22, 2016

written by Matt on November 22, 2016

What we needed
written by GAR on November 5, 2016
The safe is a great balance of the size and style to fit our needs. While it is probably larger than what we need at this time, it represents a great addition to our home that we will appreciate (God willing) for many years.

written by Safety Now on October 26, 2016

Solid construction and value
written by TyF on October 24, 2016
After looking at many other safes the Eagle seemed to offer the best balance between price and features (for my needs). I'm a big fan of the number of locking lugs, nice interior (though its not perfect) classic styling and made in the USA quality. The attention to detail appears to be far superior to the overseas competitors, at least those in stock at my local dealer

written by THOMAS ROBERTS on October 23, 2016

written by MacP on October 17, 2016

written by CaDaS on August 11, 2016
It was just delivered. Perhaps one should do this survey after the customer has registered the warranty and used the product for a period of time; we have not had much opportunity to have experienced usage fully.

We feel it will be an excellent product but haven't had it long enough to determine.

Excellent product
written by MAK on July 11, 2016
The safe is very user friendly - easy to assemble shelves, etc. I would highly recommend to anyone considering a purchase.

Liberty - Top Notch Protection!
written by Ruby on July 10, 2016
We have been researching purchasing a safe now for over a year. We have gone to home shows, dealerships and on-line research and made our decision to purchase a Liberty safe after extensive research. "Made in the USA" was the most important factor to us on deciding what product to purchase, then after that the overall needs of our family and belongings.

Pricing came into play, but it was not that important after you come to realize that some of the items you want to put into a safe you can't put a price on if they were lost or stolen.

We are very happy with our Liberty safe and now have peace of mind when we leave our home.

Thank you Liberty!

written by Jake S. on June 6, 2016

Great Safe!!
written by Frogman on May 15, 2016
Love the color and all the storage

written by chard on April 9, 2016
I bought this safe because of its quality and looks, it meets my needs, besides its made in the USA, good product I would recommend this to a friend

It's a nice safe, but expensive
written by Just me on April 5, 2016
I feel pretty good about this safe. I chose the manual lock/combo which I immediately regretted as it highly temperamental, apparently I can call a lock smith and change that out with Liberty's help. The warranty was important to me as was the manufacturer's reputation. Again it's a nice safe but it's hard to justify the cost even when comparing it to other Liberty Safes. If it didn't cost so much $$ to deliver and bolt to the floor I'd probably exchange it for at least the electric lock and maybe even a less expensive model. The interior is made from cheap materials and the shelves are more than difficult to reposition. I would have given it 3 1/2 stars if it let me but it didn't so I gave it 3.

written by rpg on March 6, 2016
Bought the EAGLE. Extremely satisfied. To do over again I would order with the Electronic lock due to ease of access and ability to change the combination. As they say, order larger than you think you need, it is True! I'm glad we did so!

Warranty review
written by Kevin Berry on March 5, 2016
Great product.

Custom Ordered, Worth the Wait!
written by Oregon Dave on February 20, 2016
I ordered a custom safe from Liberty which took approximately two months to receive. It was well worth the short waiting time and I received a safe that was solid, functional and a beautiful addition to my office. It is a focal point for all my friends who enter my office now. I would highly recommend this USA made safe to any friend looking for a particular need.

Eagle 50 Safe
written by MooneyBob on February 7, 2016
5 stars

written by TLowell on February 1, 2016
appears to be a quality &good looking safe

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