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Made in the USA


Affordable Protection

Protect your valuables with Liberty's entry level safes - Liberty's Centurion Series

Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Centurion is MADE IN THE USA and includes Liberty's lifetime warranty

When it comes to saving money, Centurion safes are a great way to go providing solid protection and basic fire protection of your valuables. 

PRICE: Starting at $519


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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Revolution 24
written by Murdochs on October 28, 2015

Safe Searching
written by Domino Joe on June 2, 2014
Recently Purchased a 24 Flex Model From Atwood's on Sale. Weight & Size was One Guy Manageable Since Placed on porch & Rolled on Dolly. After Bolted Down- it Held My items with Room to Spare. It's As Nice as Any in the Price Range Plus
Made in USA/&/Carries Lifetime Warranty I'm Well Pleased & Think U Will be Too.

Excellent safe with Mechinical lock.
written by Happy In Arkansas on July 4, 2013
We found this safe at Orscheln Farm & Home on a "Fathers day sale". We had been looking for 6-8 Mo for a good 24 gun safe with a quality mechanical lock. I have worked in electronics & broadcast radio for years and did not want a surface mount devices circuit board lock. I have seem many small motors & solenoids fail in very expensive equipment so the dial lock was very welcome on this 24 gun safe. The quality seems very good. Liberty does not provide all the "bells & whistles" of the Chinese competitors like included door pockets, and a bolt down kit. I feel getting a better safe makes up for these omissions which can be purchased separately. I like the unique flat side plate locks. All in all I think it will protect against most residential crime & organize your gun collection. Hardened criminals (given time) with the right tools can break into anyone's safe. Luckily they are quite rare. We would recommend everyone looking for a 24 gun safe consider the Liberty models.