Freedom Safe

Made in the USA

American Series


Freedom Safes' BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER DX-90 MONSTER MECH and NEW SURETIGHT HANDLE. Prying, punching, drilling and torqueing an American is a thief's worst nightmare.

PRICE: Starting at $2,649


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Great safe. Best money ever spent
written by Yogi on November 10, 2018
4 Liberty sages between my brother and myself. The safes are part of the family and give us peace of mind.

USA Strong
written by Tom Mallen on September 1, 2018

My Liberty Safe Warrenty Review
written by reb on August 21, 2018
Great except numbers are hard to read on the dial.

New addition to Man Cave
written by Russ on August 15, 2018
I love the look and style of this safe. I sure I will have many years of peace knowing I bought this safe to protect our valuable assets

Warranty/Customer Service
written by Jamie Scott on August 9, 2018
The lock on my liberty failed and I had owned this safe for probably 20 years. I called liberty and they were right on top of the situation, the even had all my information from 20 years ago. What impressed me the most was the customer service person actually cared and called me regularly with updates on my warranty process, and when I would get my replacement safe. The customer service was beyond excellent. Liberty replaced my safe and coordinated all the delivery. I will never own anything other than a liberty safe.

I'm very pleased with my Freedom Securty American
written by Jeff82 on August 7, 2018
I couldn't be happier with my 25-gun American series safe. It has lots of room, many nice features and provides a high level of security for its weight and price.

Worth the $$$
written by John B on August 1, 2018
Although the Eagle series checked all the boxes, the American series (50) was above and beyond what I had hoped for. Came with all of the aftermarket things everyone needs (internal lights, dehumidifier, etc.). Looking forward to using this one for years to come.

This is the one
written by Charlie Alnut on July 27, 2018
When it comes to security you pay a price. Now, when the matter is within your control or later when the situation is decided by someone you might not even know. You choose," Pay me now or pay me later but in any case you're gonna pay to protect and defend whatever you cherish." A Liberty American series safe is an investment in controlling your destiny - and worth every penny.

An Excellent Safe and USA Made
written by Roger Frank on June 29, 2018
Very nice looking and well built safe USA Made

written by Ron on March 4, 2018
Great value for the piece of mind knowing that our firearms and important paperwork is 100 percent safe from both theft and fire. Love versatility of the shelves so we could customize to our needs. Spent 3 years looking for a good safe and are very happy with our safe.

written by CARLOS B on December 30, 2017

Great safe!
written by muy cansada on November 26, 2017
Thus far, I have nothing but positives for this safe. The standard features are great! I like the lights, dehumidifier, lock, warranty, fire rating, nothing is a negative, other than it weighs so much! Its a beast at 1,115 pounds! I am confident this safe will protect my valuable and I recommend it!

Liberty American AS50
written by jrcowboy49 on November 19, 2017
Best quality, warranty, and features for the price and made in the USA.

Great quality!
written by Montana Made on September 28, 2017
Haven't had too much of a chance to use this, but our custom ordered safe seems very well built.

best safe ever
written by Dixie on August 30, 2017
Im very happy I didnt compromise because of price. I believe I got the best safe out there.

Purchase of second safe.
written by Larry on June 28, 2017
My survey comments say it all.

Best Safe Ever
written by Randy gP on June 11, 2017
Outstanding safe. I did a lot of research before deciding on this product and all of the reviews I read stated this safe was the best. I bought the Freedom Security/American Series/Lincoln Collection in Gloss White with Black Chrome Hardware. Holds up to 24 guns, has a 90 minute fire rating and is made in the USA. It came with the premium door panel, jewelry drawer, 12" rod dehumidifier, and 5 strip led lighting. Could not be happier with my purchase. I feel very comfortable that I now have a secure place for my guns, valuables and important documents. Thanks Liberty!

Large Security Safe Installed in my home
written by Art on May 22, 2017
I purchased the White Marble with Beige interior model AS50 to match the interior trim in my home. Extremely Satisfied. Its very easy to operate and the mechanism is extremely smooth. The unit is very heavy and I would not recommend trying to install it yourself, unless going on ground level in a garage. It's very well illuminated with the LED Lighting and shelves are easy to adjust to fit nearly any need. One thing I noticed on the web site was the suggestion to buy big when considering a safe and how true that was. Very happy with the purchase.

written by jr on March 12, 2017
good lookin, BIG ole safe lots of room inside, love the lights and finish inside and out. would definitely recommend.

written by Chevy Man on March 4, 2017
Definitely has the shock and awe factor. Big good looking safe, high quality, a purchase i will enjoy for as long as i own it.

written by FJS on March 2, 2017

Good Safe
written by N/A on January 24, 2017
Good Safe - If in SC check out Herald Office Solutions to purchase the safe

Gun Safe
written by Bernie on December 3, 2016
This is an excellent investment. The interior is very user friendly and well designed. I like the multiple configuration possibilities. I am very pleased with the sturdiness of the safe and with the fireproofing. The only issue that I have is the weight. The extra fireproofing makes this a very heavy item, and if it ever needs to be moved, I will hire a moving company to move it.

Truly the Best!
written by DavidH on November 7, 2016

1st Safe
written by Rotel on October 1, 2016
Very happy with this safe, everything I need!

Best Therapeutical Device EVER!!!
written by old dude on September 12, 2016
Best choice I ever made to relieve anxiety over firearms and valuables safety. Headaches & worry greatly diminished.

Dumler's Registration
written by Norman Dumler on March 22, 2016

Safety & Security
written by Movin On on March 15, 2016
Peace of mind is priceless. This product is a positive step in that direction. Everyone should keep most of their rifles and hand guns locked away safely. They are personal tools for your enjoyment, not for others curiosity.

written by Jay on March 12, 2016

American 50 safe
written by STAN on February 7, 2016

Functional Safe
written by Satisfied Mind on January 16, 2016
I was just delivered my safe so the only thing I can say is, it is a beautiful piece of furniture. It has just the right functions for what I need. It comes with a humidifier and an extension cord it plugs into. I was just starting to go and look for an extension cord when one of the installers told me one comes with the safe. There is a hole in the back of the safe designed for this purpose. Also holes drilled in the bottom so you can bolt the safe to the floor, if you desire. May be a good idea for insurance purposes. I love the design inside. Plenty of room. Comes with a jewelry storage if you should need it. It also has many accessories mounted on the door for smaller things you might need to store. It will accommodate my needs for what I intend to use it for. The dial, and this is very important, is easy to see and read because of the brass color. I have seen some dials that the color makes a glare and is very hard to see the dial. The dial is very easy to move and the handle is easy to open. It also has a feature of a key you can use to keep the door in a position that if you need to get in quick you can just unlock it with the key. So far I am really thrilled about it.

Great safe
written by Roy Miller on December 23, 2015
This is my first gun safe and I am very happy with the Liberty name.

Excellent quality
written by HM on December 16, 2015

liberty safe
written by oldwhiteguy on November 28, 2015
I love these safes, I own 2 and will probably buy another. High quality

Broke $ but happy
written by Smokey and Sparky on September 7, 2015
My husband and I have been talking about getting a safe for years. We do not have children yet but we do travel a lot and are concerned with the way this insane world is today. I saw a Labor day sales add for Coastal and saw that their safes were on sale and thought, ITS TIME! His birthday is coming up and financially we could swing it. We went and looked and was treated well. They were very helpful and opened all of the safes we wanted to look at, which was all of them. They had a decent selections but not a lot of color options. Fire rating was probably the most important to us given our professions. The size was the next most important, we had to be able to get it into the house. We didn't want it in the garage. We started looking at the fatboy, because it was the cheaper of our favorites. We got a brochure and got the dimensions. We left and went home to measure our doorways and walls. The fatboy was too fat! So my husband went back 2 days later to shop some more. We texted, sent pictures and called over the phone while I was at work, and finally came to the decision on a more expensive safe but it had the highest fire rating and awesome features and of course the size would fit in the house. It was not the color we wanted and was a floor model with a scratch. Not my first choice but that is all they had, and to get the deal we didn't have another option. We choked up the money and purchased the American 25 model in grey marble. Coastal loaded it in the back of out truck and he brought it home. Getting it out and into place was something of a site that required a lot of beer and many friends. We are very pleased with our purchase, as this will be something that will last way beyond our time on earth and something awesome to pass down to our children and so on. The only thing I am not thrilled about is the manual dial lock. What a pain in the toosh!! It took me a least 20 times before I actually opened it. Although we did not want a digital lock because it comes right off if you lift up on it and that would be the first thing to melt off in a fire. I'll get used to it and life will be grand. THANK YOU for making such a quality and reliable product, and staying true by keeping it AMERICAN made.

written by the rebel on August 19, 2015
To new to write a review but I like the looks, what the safe offers and the security of having this safe in my home.

Happy Man
written by Happy Man on July 27, 2015
wife is happy I'm happy love this safe best gang for your buck could not do better for the price.

written by Cisco on June 12, 2015
I just totally like the safe, it really looks great inside and out. Has lots of room, This is a great safe. GO Liberty!

written by Big worm on May 14, 2015

I am now a customer for life!!!
written by Joey from Oregon on February 21, 2015
This gun safe is amazing! After endless reviews, I found that the American 25 safe had all of the features that I was looking for such as 90 minutes of fire protection, a ball bearing steel plate in the door, superior bolts for the door, an amazing lighting system with power, USB, and ethernet pass through, and a jewelry drawer for my wife's family heir looms. I would recommend this safe to anyone wanting true American manufacturing quality.

Thank you Liberty Safe!!!

Best safe you can buy for the money.
written by Jim V on January 8, 2015
This safe comes with everything that you need, interior lights & dehumidifier rod. the only thing you need is hardware to mount it to the floor.

NW hunter
written by Security 1 on January 2, 2015
This gun safe and series will meet all my demands and provide the safety reassurances my family needs. I look forward to years of service from this safe.

Whoa - This Beast is Awesome
written by Beach Bum At Heart on November 15, 2014
Just took delivery of the AS50, and I can't stop opening it. Went with a size bigger than I needed, based on the feedback from other users. still got more safe space than I need - guess I need to buy more guns! This thing is quite ominous (hard to hide it, and very hard to miss it). With an empty weight of 1115 pounds, I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere. Everything about it screams quality and rigidity. The Black lock ring with white numbers is very easy to see and use.

American made, baby - all the way!
written by Samdahl on September 15, 2014

written by Pw on August 3, 2014
The interior is well laid out and has lots if pockets for storage. Velcro and magnetic after-market organizers will not work

written by J. on May 11, 2014
Chose the marble white color with black chrome hardware on the Lincoln 25 safe. I have been so far extremely happy with the purchase. It looks exceptionally classy and the functionality of the safe is second to none. The ability to organize the interior shelves is a great feature. There are a range of possibilities available to fit nearly anyone's needs.

quality gun safe
written by Dillon Dog Trainer on April 15, 2014
Other than a small dent on the front of my safe I'm very happy with my purchase. It should bring years of service and add confidence to the security of my home.

written by D. Smith on April 5, 2014
This safe is quality built and I am really pleased that it is made in the USA. Everything worked perfectly from the box with very good instructions and hints for setup. Enjoy.

Good safe
written by 503s2000 on February 19, 2014
Safe was in good condition. Was hard a Hell to get in and Get in Had to take the trim off One of the doors to fit Haha .

American 25 safe
written by Ed DeRosia on February 2, 2014
5 star

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