Freedom Safe

Independence Features

UPGRADE 1 - 2 Piece Steel Body

BENEFIT: Our 2-piece 12 ga. (ID20) and 11 ga. (ID23) safes are stronger against sledge hammer attacks. Other safe brands top side seams can be pried split. UL listed for RSC.

UPGRADE 2-7 - Secure Safe Door

BENEFIT: 2. T-Cam Mech. 3. Key-locking Dial 4. Triple Hardplates 5. Anti-Pry Tabs 6. 1 Inch Locking Bolts 7. Internal Hinges

UPGRADE 8 - 30 Minute Fire Rating

BENEFIT: Thicker steel and more layers in ceiling and door jambs means 30 min. of fire protection, including Palusol the amazing 7X expanding door heat seal.

UPGRADE 9 - 3-IN-1 Flex Interior

BENEFIT: Independence Series is upgraded with our 3-IN-1 Flex interior for customization to fit your valuables.